Monday, 1 June 2015


In such an engaged and active world, everyone wants to be acknowledged speedily. When things are getting so professional and technically fast, it is the time to renew websites too. Choosing a new responsive web design is the call of this new business world. But do we really need this RWD- Responsive Website Design? Promptly the reply is yes, we do. Where technology has taken upon manual systems making them easy and accessible; the online marketing tools need that turning reference too. When smart phones and I-pads have been edged above those conventional and heavy handsets and desktops, the need for RWD services thus rises with every biz and web designer.

In simple words, RWD is a user friendly approach crafted to enable easy navigation with minimum issues related to resizing, panning or scrolling for any company. It involves adaptation of layouts in such a noticeable habitat using mechanisms such fluid, proportion based grids, beautiful but flexible pictures and CSS3 media query rule. Working under the guidelines as published by Google, a responsive site is more approachable to masses. The designers equipped with the knowledge to crafting such mobile friendly or short screen devices are preferred marketing tools of today. By just adapting the existing layout to a newer and faster page, any company enables an enhanced view depending on size of instrument used where content is rearranged accordingly to the scope of screen. The server automatically recognizes the device and smartly installs the information optimized to its suitability. Even for Google, they work the best without hindering the present position of the organization. With certain progressive enhancements and related concepts one may today exchange its traditional look with this highly modernized tool of RWD.

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