Thursday, 25 June 2015

Creating Static URLs Through .htaccess.txt file

A lot has been said on the topic of static and dynamic sites and URLs and the extent to which these are SEO friendly. Summarising it briefly, we can say that the static websites are the ones which do not take the support of back end content management systems (CMS) for showing the data to the users when they seek it. Dynamic sites are the ones which generate the front-end data for users from the back-end databases when the users seek it. When the dynamic pages are created, the URLs of these pages bear a number of special characters such as query strings, ampersands, equality marks, etc. Website designing India service providers, which are often asked to develop the websites in SEO-friendly way, often face this problem of stabilizing the URLs, or in other words, making these static.

There is a strong belief that in order to get stable ranks in the search engine result pages (SERPs), the dynamic URLs shall be changed to the static ones. It shall however be noted that the SEO of even the dynamic URLs can be done since Google itself says that its robots are able to read till the three or four special characters. Despite this clear statement by Google, there is a tendency among the webmaster to develop the static URLs or convert the existing dynamic URLs into static ones. The biggest problem encountered with the SEO of dynamic URLs is that even if the ranks improve, these are not held stable.

So, how to stabilise these ranks? One of the foremost methods for creating static URLs is by using the .htaccess.txt file. You need code this file appropriately and then upload it to the root of the hosting space if you want to change all dynamic ones to static. You might have to enter many URLs which could be a cumbersome process.  .htaccess.txt file is also used for effecting the redirections on the website at page level and site level. Further, it is used for stopping or permitting certain IP addresses and URLs to see a particular section of the website. In this case, the file is not uploaded to the root directory but to the folder or directory which is to be stopped or permitted access.

This is the preferred way of making the URLs static for web design Delhi companies because it allows you to even perform a number of other important functions, the most crucial ones being the ones of redirection. And, this is the file which takes precedence over the other ones when the search engines crawl the site and hence it becomes an important tool to control and make the website SEO-friendly.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Is it really important getting responsive with online marketing strategies?

A myth prevailed for several long years having the website with great artworks, best layout for easy navigation, informative and well scripted content as the best promotional tool for online looker.

It’s the time to realize, we no more live in the 19th century where search engines were not capable for providing information available round the globe. The youth today believes keeping things handy in their pockets for more comfort and ease. They no more feel the need for cyber cafes, waiting hours in the line to check their mails or to collect data online. For making it easier for every online practitioner, even the most preferred search engine has optimized its policies for promotion across borders.

With some impressive researches conducted it has become evident that more than 55% audience is smart phone user and it is has grown by 10% over the years and 34% who get online with their portable devices avoiding heavy to use desktops.

So, can they be ignored? Simply, it’s a straight No. Understanding the trend for the bit, capturing the percentage of online user, responsive website is the need for hour with every biz. After all they are potential customer too.Website Design and development for such handheld device webs creates a larger platform exposing more opportunities. Investing in them remains important because they serve benefit against other demographic or geographic hurdles of promotions.

To rationalize such a portal which is more expressive, rapidly loaded and approachable with this increasing number of consumer and is no more unresponsive in terms of design, understanding and convenience suiting best with every smaller or large device’s resolution remains necessary. It is even more beneficial for the purpose of SEO where content expansion is a priority diverting the real traffic over your website.

Avoiding every scrolling problem and inexpressive incomplete view, Google has planned to prefer the smarter hosts which have higher range of smart applications yet precise to the need at a click of a button. Utilising standards with use of HTML (5), CSS (3) and JAVA, grid or frameworks, sketch sheets, query script, slider, columns etc., easy and user convenient navigation system thus developed which are informative and less frustrating.  Making attractive but fit to screen designs, better to-the-point content and resolution with proper pixel with larger than life effects, an effective and wonder responsive trend gets the fancy for modernized marketing oriented businesses. If you perceive for being a leader in your chain of competitors, responsive website links the bridge for connecting every consumer with your brand from the possible nook and corner.

Moving away from the conventional looks realizing the freedom of thought and usage, it is important to formulate strategies with changing times and needs because it is never too late to convince oneself for betterment.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


In a report it has been once showcased that at Google it has been a 17% increment to income where paid search clicks alone grew by 18% and it has alone dominated paid searches by almost 65%. When everyone is doing paid search, it is important to analyze when and how does it pursue.

To run any PPC campaign a lot of research needs to be conducted along with testing and its optimization through experts. Understanding the Google promotional tools with experts is so necessary before one invests any part of its budget at PPC. Sit down and fix your solution for online promotion with this commendable tool as offered by Adword. Strategizing is a very important task. PPC Experts helps us the best for marketing and crating leads for any biz’s product.  With ability to set the budget, creating traffic generating keywords specific to product or service, targeting campaigns in target specific regions for faster results than organic searches conducted are the domains thus set for effective results the PPC or Adword experts work for an organisational goal. From managing bid related wars to click fraud professionals handle every pros and cons related to such marketing related implementations. This campaign for PPC is most effective depending on the way process is carried further. From money to power and finally a large consumer platform such effectively managed Google promotion aids work the best. With changing times, it is more important to move with this air of technology where the definition of marketing and promotion is needs to be redefined, and getting the efficient and effective PPC strategy is must.

Monday, 1 June 2015


In such an engaged and active world, everyone wants to be acknowledged speedily. When things are getting so professional and technically fast, it is the time to renew websites too. Choosing a new responsive web design is the call of this new business world. But do we really need this RWD- Responsive Website Design? Promptly the reply is yes, we do. Where technology has taken upon manual systems making them easy and accessible; the online marketing tools need that turning reference too. When smart phones and I-pads have been edged above those conventional and heavy handsets and desktops, the need for RWD services thus rises with every biz and web designer.

In simple words, RWD is a user friendly approach crafted to enable easy navigation with minimum issues related to resizing, panning or scrolling for any company. It involves adaptation of layouts in such a noticeable habitat using mechanisms such fluid, proportion based grids, beautiful but flexible pictures and CSS3 media query rule. Working under the guidelines as published by Google, a responsive site is more approachable to masses. The designers equipped with the knowledge to crafting such mobile friendly or short screen devices are preferred marketing tools of today. By just adapting the existing layout to a newer and faster page, any company enables an enhanced view depending on size of instrument used where content is rearranged accordingly to the scope of screen. The server automatically recognizes the device and smartly installs the information optimized to its suitability. Even for Google, they work the best without hindering the present position of the organization. With certain progressive enhancements and related concepts one may today exchange its traditional look with this highly modernized tool of RWD.