Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Elements to make your website design more effective and successful

Being a successful web designing company in Delhi requires designing effective websites. An effective design is a result of different elements and we shall discuss some aspects which can help achieve the same. The key is to keep it simple and self-explanatory- to give users the information they want in a clean pattern, design which needs minimum action from users. Highlighting relevant keywords or images, with right writing style and language helps users find information quickly. The aesthetics of the design should be appealing with judicious use of white spaces and incorporating Marcus’ ‘visible language’. Taking learnings from old school of thought and conventional elements into the design also helps reduce errors in design as those are tested theories. Web design companies should also keep testing the website for usability ‘Test early, test often’ and incorporate the feedback in design to keep it effective.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Top three trends in website design which will surely make your website click

Web designing, as common as the word may sound, is one of the trickiest jobs these days. The world is moving very fast and so are consumers’ tastes, preferences, trends etc. Thus to understand and accommodate target audience’s needs and design a website that will click with them is really not a child’s play.

Nevertheless, there are some trends which are popular these days and have been winning website viewers’ hearts as the researches tell. One of the most prominent being flat design- and this can be attributed to Apple’s iOS 7’s new look. The design is absolutely flat with no shadows etc. and this has been hitting well with audience. Second being home page with ‘large hero areas’ which implies most of the space taken by big image and small text line at the top which catches attention of viewer and just gives away the key message.

Third most important aspect is focus on building responsive design with special attention to how it looks on mobile. Most of the users these days access websites on mobile while on the move and thus this necessity.

What we discussed are just three of the most important tricks and there are plenty of them which website designers have up their sleeves to design an Impact full website.