Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Is price everything we work and live for? Does it really counts or is it the value for what we have paid the price for?
Well, agreeing to the fact money matters, no doubt about it but what gets more important is the value for that money. We all work hard to get that recognition and usefulness in life. Let it be in personal or professional way, this is what really counts for.

The Google Adword tool offers such incredible promotion mechanism which we know as PPC, Pay per click also known as cost per click as an effective marketing strategy to get a biz known well in the search engines and direct the traffic at website. It is simply done by paying the publisher for every click on the company’s’ ad. The method goes like the advertiser bids on keywords or phrases relevant to their targeted market for which the content based sites charge a fix price on every click. Utilizing PPC through experts available with exposure to such techniques, ads could be displayed when keyword query is generated and matched to the list published by advertiser and relevant search engine respectively. Such ads called as sponsored links seem usually appear adjacent, above or beneath organic results or anywhere as chosen by the web developer for the site. PPC displays some banner ads as well related to the content as delivered and agreed for ads. It helps providing variety of options like testing and pausing if any phrase is found unproductive thus removing them from the list when required. It is more beneficial because one pays for actual visitors avoiding spam. Controlling marketing cost thus filtering the negative words it generates lead for the organisation and its products. Utilize your budget for this perfect tool generating values

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Universally accepted concepts of web design

Web design is one of those areas which has seen quick flow and ready acceptance of the new ideas globally. Such has been the influence of some of the website designing concepts universally that these have become sort of standards. These are the concepts which are unlikely to change in the very near future. Almost all of these have a direct impact on the user behavior which has become accustomed to seeing and using these for a number of years. What are these commonly acceptable concepts of design?

1. Standardized terminology: When you see ‘home’, ‘about us’ or ‘privacy policy’ on any website, you immediately know what can be expected to be found in these pages. Based on this prejudgment, you can choose to either visit these pages or not. This terminology has become sort of standardized across the globe and the web designers do not like to play around with these terms.

2. Practical navigation and site organization: There is no way to standardise the navigation since each site has its own unique requirements which depends on its business objectives. However, what has come to be commonly acceptable is the fact that the navigation has to be very practical and, at times, intuitive, so as to make a per-assessment of how the users might want to navigate. Another important aspect related to this is that the navigation to the deepest parts of the site shall be completed within a few steps only. This is something which the website designing companies in Delhi or elsewhere in the world have come to accept. 

3. User-friendly placement of web design elements: While deciding on the placement of different elements, one can not ignore their user-friendliness.. Put simply, the ones which are most important shall be put straight in front of the sight of the person while the ones which are of least importance might be put at a place where the users do not go often. 

4. Use of CSS for layout designing: Gone are the days when the HTML tables were used for developing the different pages of a website. These have now been replaced by the cascading style sheets which are far more flexible to use than the rigidly defined tables in HTML. The usage of CSS has been so advantageous for designing, development and even online marketing of the website that this is now being used quite commonly in the web development.

These are some of the practices which are now being used universally, without any exception of the geographical region, in the field of website design and development. The web design Delhi companies also make use of these evergreen concepts of design.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Why SEO Copywriters shall know about the SEO process?

Companies engaged in website designing and search engine optimization hire content writers and SEO practitioners. These are the people with specialization in their respective fields and it does not matter if they are not aware of the stream of each other. During all these years in the field of SEO, I have seen that there is a disconnect between the SEO Copywriting and the actual SEO practice. In fact, most of the website design companies Delhi or the SEO services providers have content developers and the SEO doers as two separate skill sets and do not combine the two. The companies do not even encourage the learning and development of these two skills for them. They are keeping the two separate. However, the end result is that the content developers and the SEO practitioners do not have much avenues to grow after a period of time. After a few years, the chasm of dissatisfaction begins to make way into the employees and this increases the rate of attrition.

It is for the good of employees as well as the organizations to enable the combination of these two varied skill sets in the employees. Here are some reasons why this is important:

1.    SEO content developers are able to know the fundamental purpose of why they are producing the content, if they know how SEO would be done.

2.    They are also able to know the varied resources and the specific content requirements for each one of these. By dwelling deeper into these quality resources, they are able to know what is precisely required and how the benefits can be harnessed to the maximum by performing these activities.

3.    The SEO copywriters do not hit the career road block early on and can further increase their chances of getting better jobs by learning these two varied skills, which is appreciated in the market.

4.    Organizations also make a cost saving if they hire people with these varied skills rather than focusing on solo skilled people.

5.    Given that the SEO keeps on changing and there is increasing importance of people having knowledge of SEO as well as good copywriting skills in the market, it is a natural value addition for a person to be an expert in both of these.

SEO copywriting has many dimensions. While a person has to develop many skills within this stream, he or she is also required to know about the SEO in order to deliver a more effective content. No longer can the strategy of having writers and SEO doers as different people succeed in the present day context of search engine marketing.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Learn essential elements in the web designing process

The process a website design company follows is never easy. It requires so much ability, innovation in creating the idea and skill to define it to the audience. A lot of research involves into generating the best online identity for a client. From the concept development to its installation and testing a number of steps are involved which requires expertise in decision-making and knowledge about the moving trends. Following are a few important elements that drive the process of website designing:

·         Define the objective - Foremost is to ask your own self the purpose behind creating the website. Once the aim is clear, the correct audience is well understood and targeted.

·         A favorable planning - This helps to mark the next step in the development process. It is advisable to design a good plan which not just limit to architect the required information. Make out the outline of every special feature required in the web structure with certain high level techniques like CMS (content management system).

·         Make a detailed structure - It constitutes one of the exciting phase. Before you sit and work with the editor, get the wire frame version with you for each page. Try to sketch out the idea first. It gives a perfect insight about how the design will look with the planned its color combinations.

·         Fancy yet worthy content- This forms an important part in the web design companies Delhi process. Many website design companies work out for the content along with their clients. It is not only a beautiful layout but the content which drives the interest of the potential user to the website and generates the traffic increasing the sales.

You need to be open for using the latest technology including open sources and proprietary, free or monetary, settled or developmental. Once you are through with each process, never ignore to test the web online first before getting it installed and ready-to-use for the customer. Website design company ensures to serve the quality not for the present but for further expansions as well to safeguard the future.  They assure success for all times.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Need For Thorough Understanding Of Client Business For Effective Website Designing Delhi

Website designing is not such a simple task as it commonly seems. It is not just a matter of creating appropriate product or service categories to dump the content or for using attractive images or text or other forms of content for the designing purpose. But, on the contrary, is a task which requires a very serious contemplation of every element of design on the part of web design Delhi firms who provide this service.

The first step, and also the most important step, in this process is that of understanding the client business so that an appropriate website can be developed. Interesting as it might sound, this is the step which is also taken to be the most insignificant by many companies. So, how does an understanding of client business helps? Here are some points which reflect on this aspect:

  1. By understanding the nature of business, you are able to select the right text, colour combinations, images and even the videos which can be used on the site. With this information you would be able to project the correct profile of their business to the world and using the right web design elements.

  2. You would also be able to determine what kind of functionalities which the client would require on his or her website. These might be a lot different from the ones which are usually provided by you for other clients.

  3. Once you know what the client business is and what does he or she want to achieve from the website, you can even determine what are the best web development technologies which could be used for meeting all requirements? If client wants to do ecommerce, then the different technologies are required as compared with a CMS based website which is essentially informative in nature. So, you can decide on different functions and which best technologies can achieve these.

  4. Prior understanding of the client business is also required in order to ascertain what brand image the client wants to project to the customers. What is the philosophy of the brand and how is it to be conveyed through appropriate website designing effort is a major consideration for any web design Delhi service provider.

  5. This would also help you in designing appropriate site structure so that the more important elements are highlighted the foremost and on strategic places. This also defines the layout of the site since the client would tell what all information shall be highlighted foremost by the design.
It has been seen that a really persuasive and effective website, developed by a professional website designing Delhi firm, would require this understanding of the client business. So, a series of meetings shall be conducted with the client in order to know the nature of business.