Thursday, 16 April 2015

Web design Delhi services for integrating WordPress blog with Facebook

Earlier this year, the website design companies around the world had something more to do when Facebook was launched for WordPress plugin. The web design Delhi companies were quick to grasp the essence and significance of this service since it provided a convenient way to remain social on this famous platform while blogging. It is commonly learnt that the WordPress blog integration is done commonly by the website design company since it provides a ready-to-use and convenient way of blogging, as per customised features.

The Facebook Strategy 

Facebook has been quite a bit of challenge for Google, though the two are completely different web resources based on altogether different concepts and used for different purposes. Similarly, Blogger, the blog product from Google, is also a rival of WordPress. With the joining of forces, Facebook and WordPress intend to challenge their common rival, Google. 

Besides serving this purpose, there are more relevant purposes served with this product innovation. With hundreds of millions of unique visitors attracted every month by WordPress, it provides a perfect playing field for the social media giant, Facebook. The direct implication will be the evolution of even better targeting of the Facebook Ads on user. How? Since WordPress is a top source of user-generated data (because it allows easy integration with websites or even creation of new websites using its platform), Facebook plugin would be able to analyse tons of this data to ascertain which ad shall be shown on which page. Better targeted ads will definitely increase more clicks and, hence, there is expected to be increase in the revenue generation.

The Users Benefit

The benefit for the users is that using this plugin, they can do a number of Facebook related activities. They do not have to log in to Facebook to share the posts of the blogs. Rather, with this installed plugin, all the posts will automatically get posted on the timeline of the Facebook account, for the benefit of Facebook friends.

This plugin also allows the users to add some other widgets, such as a comment box, live activity feed, customizable subscribe, like and send buttons and even the recommendations. Even more interesting is the fact that it allows you to mention the name of Facebook Friends and Pages for further distribution of your content. This makes the targeting or marketing more precise.

The web design Delhi firms are expectedly have more requests for integrating this Facebook plugin to their on-site WordPress blog as it generates almost immediate social activity on the posted story and provides a ready way of marketing the content on Facebook.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Why IMGTECH puts its finger on WORDPRESS, ignoring other website development tools as secondary

IMGTECH is a reputed website design company in Delhi that offers high end services for web design and development. To name a few, the company has successfully thrived to render its services in the field of designing, E-commerce development, SEO and social media marketing, content creation and management as well as Mobile apps development. It is the customer’s satisfaction that matters the most to the company and for it, it leaves no stone unturned. 

The latest on the web development platform

IMGTECH, offer several development tools to create the website that are not only high end but at the same time user friendly. Even though there are options such as the PHP development tool and the Drupal tool, needless to mention, the Joomla development tool, the professionals believe that none can surpass the WORDPRESS in terms of user friendliness and effectiveness. With this thought in mind, the company has recently completed several projects on WORDPRESS that has enabled it to build a strong customer network. Imgtech have also mentioned in their web site that WORDPRESS is the world’s most favorite blogging tool that is widely accepted owing to its cost effectiveness. 

The company has now started using this as an open source CMS because it is easy to install and upgrade. Currently, it has started offering services in addition that the WORDPRESS includes such as site maintenance, installation, blog creation and customization. Most recently, the company has successfully created plug-ins for several of its web clients, to enhance the existing set of features. 

In one of the recent projects, in order to make the client’s online presence as effective as possible, Imgtech customized the WORDPRESS theme using unique features and web designing tools. The professionals have a say in this that it is possible because this development tool offers many more features than one could think of. 

The company professionals are experts in creating high quality websites. It is one of the best website development companies, across Delhi. For further contact

Thursday, 2 April 2015

What new enhancements a website development company can inculcate to satisfy its clients? Imgtech answers it all.

Get known to Imgtech that is an innovative website design company in Delhi. Despite the fact, that there are several players in this pool, this one specializes in putting together current technologies for creating modern websites, thereby bridging the gap between the client and its marketing goals. The company’s other services include, SEO works, E-commerce development, content development, Social media marketing as well as Mobile apps development. Imgtech proffers UX design, by adapting the most complex of technologies to built and designs a high-end website.

Latest innovations in web design - Most recently, the company has set a benchmark in website designing by adapting the three most ‘happening’ web design tools, namely the Responsive website designing, Parallax website designing and Emotional web design tool. One can see the professional work, done by the company, by glancing at some of their displayed projects, live on the site.

To limelight a little, the responsive website designing tool is meant to fit the website in all screen sizes, in turn avoiding screen distortion.  The parallax designing on the other hand helps create a fun experience for the visitor with appealing visuals and functionality.

Recently, Imgtech have brought more transformations and creativity to these three existing web design tools and have managed to produce unsurpassed work for hundreds of clients. One is sure to obtain a highly satisfactory experience with the company along with outstanding and creative web design Delhi .