Thursday, 25 June 2015

Creating Static URLs Through .htaccess.txt file

A lot has been said on the topic of static and dynamic sites and URLs and the extent to which these are SEO friendly. Summarising it briefly, we can say that the static websites are the ones which do not take the support of back end content management systems (CMS) for showing the data to the users when they seek it. Dynamic sites are the ones which generate the front-end data for users from the back-end databases when the users seek it. When the dynamic pages are created, the URLs of these pages bear a number of special characters such as query strings, ampersands, equality marks, etc. Website designing India service providers, which are often asked to develop the websites in SEO-friendly way, often face this problem of stabilizing the URLs, or in other words, making these static.

There is a strong belief that in order to get stable ranks in the search engine result pages (SERPs), the dynamic URLs shall be changed to the static ones. It shall however be noted that the SEO of even the dynamic URLs can be done since Google itself says that its robots are able to read till the three or four special characters. Despite this clear statement by Google, there is a tendency among the webmaster to develop the static URLs or convert the existing dynamic URLs into static ones. The biggest problem encountered with the SEO of dynamic URLs is that even if the ranks improve, these are not held stable.

So, how to stabilise these ranks? One of the foremost methods for creating static URLs is by using the .htaccess.txt file. You need code this file appropriately and then upload it to the root of the hosting space if you want to change all dynamic ones to static. You might have to enter many URLs which could be a cumbersome process.  .htaccess.txt file is also used for effecting the redirections on the website at page level and site level. Further, it is used for stopping or permitting certain IP addresses and URLs to see a particular section of the website. In this case, the file is not uploaded to the root directory but to the folder or directory which is to be stopped or permitted access.

This is the preferred way of making the URLs static for web design Delhi companies because it allows you to even perform a number of other important functions, the most crucial ones being the ones of redirection. And, this is the file which takes precedence over the other ones when the search engines crawl the site and hence it becomes an important tool to control and make the website SEO-friendly.

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