Saturday, 11 July 2015

Why SEO Copywriters shall know about the SEO process?

Companies engaged in website designing and search engine optimization hire content writers and SEO practitioners. These are the people with specialization in their respective fields and it does not matter if they are not aware of the stream of each other. During all these years in the field of SEO, I have seen that there is a disconnect between the SEO Copywriting and the actual SEO practice. In fact, most of the website design companies Delhi or the SEO services providers have content developers and the SEO doers as two separate skill sets and do not combine the two. The companies do not even encourage the learning and development of these two skills for them. They are keeping the two separate. However, the end result is that the content developers and the SEO practitioners do not have much avenues to grow after a period of time. After a few years, the chasm of dissatisfaction begins to make way into the employees and this increases the rate of attrition.

It is for the good of employees as well as the organizations to enable the combination of these two varied skill sets in the employees. Here are some reasons why this is important:

1.    SEO content developers are able to know the fundamental purpose of why they are producing the content, if they know how SEO would be done.

2.    They are also able to know the varied resources and the specific content requirements for each one of these. By dwelling deeper into these quality resources, they are able to know what is precisely required and how the benefits can be harnessed to the maximum by performing these activities.

3.    The SEO copywriters do not hit the career road block early on and can further increase their chances of getting better jobs by learning these two varied skills, which is appreciated in the market.

4.    Organizations also make a cost saving if they hire people with these varied skills rather than focusing on solo skilled people.

5.    Given that the SEO keeps on changing and there is increasing importance of people having knowledge of SEO as well as good copywriting skills in the market, it is a natural value addition for a person to be an expert in both of these.

SEO copywriting has many dimensions. While a person has to develop many skills within this stream, he or she is also required to know about the SEO in order to deliver a more effective content. No longer can the strategy of having writers and SEO doers as different people succeed in the present day context of search engine marketing.

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