Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Universally accepted concepts of web design

Web design is one of those areas which has seen quick flow and ready acceptance of the new ideas globally. Such has been the influence of some of the website designing concepts universally that these have become sort of standards. These are the concepts which are unlikely to change in the very near future. Almost all of these have a direct impact on the user behavior which has become accustomed to seeing and using these for a number of years. What are these commonly acceptable concepts of design?

1. Standardized terminology: When you see ‘home’, ‘about us’ or ‘privacy policy’ on any website, you immediately know what can be expected to be found in these pages. Based on this prejudgment, you can choose to either visit these pages or not. This terminology has become sort of standardized across the globe and the web designers do not like to play around with these terms.

2. Practical navigation and site organization: There is no way to standardise the navigation since each site has its own unique requirements which depends on its business objectives. However, what has come to be commonly acceptable is the fact that the navigation has to be very practical and, at times, intuitive, so as to make a per-assessment of how the users might want to navigate. Another important aspect related to this is that the navigation to the deepest parts of the site shall be completed within a few steps only. This is something which the website designing companies in Delhi or elsewhere in the world have come to accept. 

3. User-friendly placement of web design elements: While deciding on the placement of different elements, one can not ignore their user-friendliness.. Put simply, the ones which are most important shall be put straight in front of the sight of the person while the ones which are of least importance might be put at a place where the users do not go often. 

4. Use of CSS for layout designing: Gone are the days when the HTML tables were used for developing the different pages of a website. These have now been replaced by the cascading style sheets which are far more flexible to use than the rigidly defined tables in HTML. The usage of CSS has been so advantageous for designing, development and even online marketing of the website that this is now being used quite commonly in the web development.

These are some of the practices which are now being used universally, without any exception of the geographical region, in the field of website design and development. The web design Delhi companies also make use of these evergreen concepts of design.

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